Vigil Trust & Financial Advocacy

Because we are committed to serving you throughout all stages of your life, and even on your behalf after you are gone, Fiduciary First Advisors closely collaborates with Vigil Trust, our trust services partner. Whereas Fiduciary First Advisors provides investment management services, Vigil Trust is a separate and distinct company that acts as a professional trustee if you become incapacitated.  Together we can assist you and your family with various financial arrangements that arise at the time of incapacity or death.

Vigil Trust & Financial Advocacy is a trust service office of Midwest Trust Company, a Kansas non-depository trust company regulated and examined by the State Banking Commissioner of Kansas. Vigil Trust has no ownership affiliation with Fiduciary First Advisors, but Vigil Trust does usually hire Fiduciary First Advisors to provide investment management services for trusts it administers.


Estate Planning for Now. Assurance for the Future.

After a lifetime of hard work building your estate, who will you trust to oversee it upon your death? Who will fulfill your intent if you become incapacitated? Who will, under every circumstance, be able to execute your wishes with respect to your beneficiaries?

Asking the commitment of a trusted friend or relative is often the natural inclination. They are more familiar with your family and you don’t have to pay them. However, too often inexperience leads to costly mistakes and family disagreement over difficult administrative decisions leads to unwanted stress.

By choosing to appoint Vigil Trust for your trustee services, you are gaining the knowledge and experience of an independent, objective professional trustee who is dedicated to trust management.

Vigil has provided professional trustee services for hundreds of families, not only advising them on issues involved in the establishment of a Trust, but also standing ready to assume trustee responsibility and diligently fulfilling its purposes when the trust creator is no longer able to do so.